LinkedIn remains one of the biggest social networks in the world for professionals. In Africa, most social media users find it easier to have a LinkedIn account but will rarely be active on this platform. This blog will advise you on how to stay active and grow your social network on LinkedIn to better your career / brand.

LinkedIn’s growth in Africa has increased in the recent years and countries like Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria lead among the countries with more users. Uganda as a country, less than 18,000 people have active LinkedIn accounts, which is only 0.75% of the total population. This is quite a small percentage as compared to other social networks like Facebook, Twitter & Pin-interest.

Why Companies need to have a LinkedIn Page

Well, how else will your company announce to the professionals about a recent job opening? Most applicants will respect or give credit to a company / organization that puts their brand on the map. Most advertising / marketing gurus have realized LinkedIn is another way to grow a brand in an effective way. It’s also easy for people to find out more information about what’s going on currently in the company through the LinkedIn channel. LinkedIn has also provided an opportunity for companies to be able to advertise and reach their potential customers to over 560 million active users. The Linkedin Ads allow you to grow your audience and also help your content reach out to many users as possible. The Leisure and travel industry in Africa is one of those that have embraced LinkedIn as a marketing channel to get potential clients.

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Why a LinkedIn account is good for Job seekers

This platforms provides a great opportunity for users to be able to engage with companies, employers and other fellow professionals. Users are able to post Jobs, or search for Jobs in their specific field. I once went for a Job interview and the first question was ‘Can we have a look at your LinkedIn account?’ Good enough I had updated all my information the previous night & even though I was never lucky to get it, the impression was a + plus for me. Some jobs will require you to apply using your LinkedIn account and this has applied for the biggest companies all over the world. Employers as well find this platform very essential as it gives them a wider audience where they can find a Potential employee. Some of the biggest companies that have used LinkedIn as a plus when hiring people in Africa include Diageo, Huawei, Airtel & many others.

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Opening a LinkedIn account

It takes less than 5 minutes to set up a new LinkedIn Account that will need you to enter both first and last names, an email address plus a strong password. After setting it up, you are good to go but remember this is a professional networking platform.

A complete profile setup requires you to add your best skills, accomplishments, job history and more. Your account can also alternate as a CV which can be used to apply for jobs using the LinkedIn platform. Endorsements on the other hand are a great way to tell companies that you are a competent and hardworking person. This is an attractive part on your LinkedIn profile and anyone planning to develop their career shouldn’t miss this great part.

As a job seeker with a complete and full LinkedIn profile, you are 100 times more visible to many employees who can easily take you up. This platform also offers career advice from the professionals to those who are willing to learn more and excel in their career paths. At the end of it all, LinkedIn is a great social platform for people to know you & your full potential.

“Networking isn’t how many people you know, it’s how many people know you.”

― Amit Kalantri