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Today, there are millions of websites all over the internet all with different kinds of information. The first website went live on August 6 1991, and was made by Tim Berners Lee dedicated to the information on the world wide web project. Having a website means you will easily connect with the world about your business, brand or organisation. This is one of the most powerful tools for communication and most people have their products, music, articles online for people to consume

Websites with a personal touch

E-Commerce Websites

We design and develop e-commerce platforms for business into services or products

WordPress Websites

We develop responsive websites using the most popular CMS - wordpress.

UI/UX Rich Design

Our websites provide better user experiences to visitors from branding to the design elements.

Why Websites are Important for your business

Low cost advertising

A good business will invest more on online advertising campaigns and cut out the traditional methods of printing to save more money. One website can have thousands of users in a day which means if you are advertising your product online, it can easily be seen by many people at the same time.


Most brands or personalities will see that having a website is one way to stay visible in the global market. If a product or brand needs some credibility, it has to have the main part of it’s communication and that is via a website. Popular brands like Apple use their websites more often when doing product launches.


Want to sell your products to China but you are in Uganda, then a website will help you. With a fully customized and responsive e-commerce website, visitors will be able to transact and do business easily. However to get more sales, you need to have clear call-to-action points on your web-page.


A way you can easily let people know about what kind of information or products you have is through a website. Instead of passing out brochures or magazines, just a simple link and anyone can see it via their mobile phone, computer or tablet PC.

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