In Uganda today, the digital world is taking over and that’s why it’s a necessity for a business whether big or small to have a website or hire digital marketing services from an expert co. If you have a business running today without a website, there are greater opportunities you are missing out. And yes you could be making enough profits from the local traditional marketing but the web has a wider form of advertising. This is the center of your company’s online presence and social media pages come along in handy in bringing in traffic plus other forms of digital marketing i.e. Pay per click, email marketing and many others.

The other most important use of a website is it’s much easier & quicker for your clients to get updated information about your products or services. Well, before the brochures, catalogs and other print material were being used to give out such information but having a webpage is more effective. Let’s say you have an upcoming event or promotion that you want to run as a company, this is another way of advertising it and giving people all the information they want.

Well having a good professional or corporate website in Uganda will cost you as little as $100 (equivalent to 360K UGX) and can even go up-to $5000 depending on the type of website & business. Most big companies can afford any type of site but also running it daily and updating the information hasn’t been something that they have welcomed. This is why Digital Agencies like Starnet Africa have taken over and now it’s easy to hire in Uganda with a simple call or click of a button.

Most retailers who sell products will find that having an e-commerce website is to a bigger advantage i.e. bigger audience, available 24/7, and you can sell literally anything from a house, car, electric appliance etc. A good example of such a business is ‘Jumia Uganda’ which sells almost anything from home appliances to event tickets, food, drinks, apartments, Land etc.

Generally a website will improve your credibility and chance of getting new customers. Also customer feedback is an important aspect for example if some clients had problems with some of the products they acquired through your website, it’s easy to inquire. Also an FAQ’s page to those who have common queries, adding articles, uploading newsletters, such a better way to provide everyone with a Value Added Service.

Importance of digital marketing to your business website

Digital Marketing is simply the best way to advertise your business/company online and increase traffic. The more the online traffic means you will receive more inquiries from customers or sell more products. For every business to grow, it needs the help of a well experienced and creative agency that has mastered the art of online marketing. Coming up with the best marketing strategies to beat your competition because almost every business owner has embraced the digital trend.

Well, websites are the most powerful tool for communication to the outside world and for every business, it’s a must-have. Contact us today for a fully customized professional website or hire any of our digital experts for online marketing services.